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Face Masks

WORLD Fabulous Face Masks - Modelled by Francis!!! 

In response to our new community need, WORLD has designed and crafted a collection of re-usable, washable, New Zealand made Face Masks. These one-size Face Masks are simple and straightforward, all the while leaving plenty of room to be an individual. Shaped and fitted with an elastic ear piece that can be tied smaller or altered by our team to fit, and a lining so filters can be inserted for repeated and practical use.

Made using WORLD's treasured collection of fabrications the design was easy, however the functionality was inspired by a WORLD client who's work in multi-functional filter media using natural wool is now used by NASA! Using natural wool as the key ingredient for a vast range of air filtration applications, the highly versatile technology platform means these air filters enable you to have healthier, safer air. 

Each WORLD Face Mask comes with the Helix Filter the world’s most breathable, multi-functional air filter designed to capture harmful particulate matter that harnesses the unique properties of New Zealand wool. 

The Helix™ Filter comes in a pack of 7 replacement filter elements - these will fit in most cloth masks designed to accommodate a replaceable filter and can be cut to size and can be purchased through WORLD.


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