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The Busted Gentleman - Orpheus Sculpture Candle

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Venerated by the Greeks of the classical age as the musician and poet par excellence, Orpheus, ‘the father of songs’, represents the very summit of human artistic endeavour. So exceptional his talents that even the natural world would yield to his charms with beasts and birds, rocks and trees induced to swoon and dance. Orpheus would even hold dominion over death himself with Hades succumbing to his singing and musicality. A mortal dating from a time long before Homer’s great works, Orpheus represents a different kind of hero, not one which conquers through sword-wielding violence but one who dazzles with the beauty of music and verse clutching his lyre. For these reasons and his ultimately tragic demise, the Orpheus motif would exercise a powerful influence over the art and culture of the West, permeating not just the performing and visual arts, but, through Plato and his adherents, even shaping its thought and philosophy.


Dented, grazed, this piece is a soy-wax tribute to the weathered but unbroken ideals embodied by Orpheus and the centrality of artistic beauty in life.


Soy wax


20 H x 18 W cm


Hand-poured in Melbourne, Australia.


Not recommended for burning


*Please note as these are hand-poured slight imperfections do occur*