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Rampal Latour - Pure Soap Flakes 750g Rose

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Made from 100% plant oils, suitable for sensitive skin. Marseille Soap flakes have a  natural rose scent.

Conditions your fabrics thanks to the softening glycerin which is naturally present in Rampal Latour Marseille soap. Suitable for delicate fabrics.

Certified ‘Natural Detergent’ by Ecocert Greenlife**. The flakes are pure Marseille soap that has been finely ground, produced in a cauldron by Rampal Latour using its patented eco-responsible process that uses 7 times less energy, 4 times less water, and conserves the glycerin.

Thanks to their low moisture content, pure Marseille Soap flakes can be used for washing directly by hand or in the machine. For all types of washing, all temperatures (from 40 °C without diluting; < 40 °C to be diluted beforehand) and all fabrics. The flakes can come scented for making your own washing detergent.

Easily biodegradable, since they are made from 100% Marseille Soap, which is produced using 4 ingredients and no additives: no artificial detergent or colour treatment agents, no perfumes, no synthetic dyes or softeners, no EDTA, no preservatives, no foaming agents and no phosphates.

In recyclable and biodegradable PEFC*** kraft paper bags, made and printed in France, which favour the natural drying of the flakes.

Soft, clean fabrics
Made from natural ingredients, Rampal Latour’s pure Marseille soap flakes can be used to wash all your household linen and even the most delicate clothing, including baby clothes, while caring for your skin and the environment. They protect and soften the fibres in your textiles, even the most delicate.
Rampal Latour’s pure Marseille soap flakes are suitable for all types of washing (by hand or in the washing machine, and for all fabrics: cotton, Lycra, wool, silk, plain or coloured, delicate and fragile fabrics).

For use at all temperatures
Ramp's Marseille soap flakes are proven to be effective at all temperatures, whether in the machine or by hand. For optimal washing, do not fill the washing machine drum completely. The laundry will mix better and dirt will be removed more effectively.
For a machine wash at 40 °C, take a handful of flakes (15 g = 2 heaped tablespoons), crush and scatter them through the laundry in the drum.
For machine washing below 40 °C, dilute 15 g of flakes in a glass of hot water and pour into the middle of the laundry in the drum.
For hand washing, use 1 tablespoon of flakes per 5 L of water. Dilute the flakes in a glass of hot water. Once diluted, pour into the washing water. Wash the laundry and rinse thoroughly.

Hypoallergenic * and gentle on the skin
Rampal Latour pure Marseille Soap flakes are suitable for sensitive skin. Your laundry will come out naturally clean, soft and will not irritate your skin. Made from 100% plant oils, our soap flakes are easily biodegradable since they contain no synthetic detergents or colour treatment agents, no perfume, no synthetic softeners, no parabens, no EDTA, no preservatives and no foaming agents.