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Inspired by his grandfather, David Samualsson founded Tangent GC to provide a superior range of garment and skin care products, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts, but products that naturally and effectively give your garments a long life and your skin the best treatment.

This is green!

Ever since they set out in 2012 sustainability has been central to Tangent GC. Products are natural and organic, and they have been from the outset. The natural aspect was important, not only in order to avoid harmful chemicals but as a means to raise the overall product quality. They have applied the same strict rules when formulating new products and adding them to the range. In summation “This is green” means that Tangent GC skin and garment care products are:

- Organic and vegan
- Cruelty and fossil free
- Sustainably produced and packaged

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