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TERRE À TERRE - Deep Forest

The founding idea behind the Maître Tseng × Trudon collection came from imagining the flow of water from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth. Reflecting this idea, this range of scented candles is expressed in three stages.

Terre à Terre (Earth to Earth), created by Mylène Alran, is mossy, almost peaty. It is at one with the soil: it is dressed in woody notes reminiscent of the freshness of vetiver, cashmere wood and patchouli, as well as notes of undergrowth suggested by an accord between moss and mushroom. Deep and revealing notes of humus, Terre à Terre and its Chinese name directly refer to a rich and fertile land that can feed all living beings.

Fragrance pyramid top
Violet Leaf Accord, Grapefruit accord, Elemi, Grapefruit

Fragrance pyramid heart notes
Undergrowth Accord, Cypriol India, Patchouli Indonesie

Fragrance pyramid bottom
Ambergris Accord, Moss Accord, Ambergris, Vetiver Haiti


The Journey of water

Trudon collaborates with Maître Tseng to imagine a collection of three scented candles that celebrate the world of tea and its five thousand years history.

The founding idea behind the Maître Tseng × Trudon collection came from imagining the flow of water from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth. Reflecting this idea, this range of scented candles is expressed in three stages.

This collection of scented candles is expressed in three stages.

In L’Esprit de l’Eau, water remains between its vapor and liquid states, it has not yet made its choice. In its barely embodied purity, water remains with the grey-green shades of mountains.

While running on slopes, water meets with the poetic freshness of a floral universe. In Sous un Ciel de Pétales, water remembers that it used to be a cloud by embodying a cloud of spring fragrances.

Diving underground, water densifies, takes on notes of humus and becomes peaty: Terre à Terre precisely describes this water as it mixes with terroir.

Worldwide Tea master


Yu Hui Tseng, from a very old Chinese family and is descendant of the first disciple of Confucius, represents both tradition and modernity in tea.

Maître Tseng spends most of her time in Asia with exceptional tea producers. More than thirty years ago, she made her first expeditions along the ancient tea routes in remote regions to reach the primary forests where the precious leaves are harvested in extreme conditions. As vigilant as she is demanding, Maître Tseng orchestrates every single stage of the elaboration of her teas.

As the holder of the tradition, she has brought tea into the modern era, creating close relationships with great figures of world gastronomy. Personalities such as Alain Senderens or Pierre Gagnaire, fascinated by the precision and poetry of her perceptions, have accompanied her in the creation of tea and food pairings. In many ways, Maître Tseng has revolutionised tea tasting, setting an example in Asia and Europe.

Tea cellar in the heart of Paris
In the early 1990s, in the heart of the Quartier Latin (Paris), Maître Tseng created La Maison des Trois Thés, which has become the largest tea cellar in the world and a sanctuary for connoisseurs and professionals. In this veritable conservatory of tea, time stands still: a love of tea objects, historic furniture, ancient ceramics, a line of sober tea chests reminiscent of prayer wheels and calligraphy on the walls embody an age-old art of living where tea is king.


H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm
Weight front
270g / 9.5 oz
Burning time
55 to 60 hours




In 1643 a salesman named Claude Trudon arrived in Paris and became the owner of a store in Rue Saint-Honoré. He was a grocer but also a wax merchant and supplied his customers with candles for lighting their homes and for the parish. On the eve of Louis XIV's reign, Trudon thus created a small family manufacturing business that was to carry his name forward and make the fortune of his heirs. His son Jacques also became a shopkeeper and wax producer and entered the court of Versailles in 1687, as apothecary distiller of Marie-Thérèse, wife of the King. In the 18th century, in 1737, Hierosme Trudon purchased the most famous wax factories of the era from the official wax provider to King Louis XV. Trudon grew and began supplying the French court and the most important churches. The Trudon company supplied Versailles until the very end of the monarchy. As Napoleon's wax producer during the Empire, the company survived the arrival of domestic lighting and the birth of the "electric revolution" continuing to prosper. Trudon continued its work throughout the centuries, without ever interrupting its activity, particularly through the making of traditional candles and perfumed candles for the greatest names. It is now the oldest and most prestigious wax manufacturer in the world.