IHC Art Awards

The IHC Art Awards provides artists with an intellectual disability the opportunity to have their talent recognised, their voices heard and to sell their work. It highlights the talent and achievements of people with intellectual disabilities.

Dame Denise L’Estrange-Corbet – IHC Art Awards Ambassador
Denise has been involved with the IHC Art Awards since 2009 and became an Ambassador in 2016, something she is very honoured to do.


In 2012 Dame Denise met an artist through the Art Awards, and we have employed Jojo part time in WORLD's Head Office since then. "It is about supporting people in whatever way you can. They give back so much more than you could ever imagine, we have learnt so much from Jojo," Denise says.

WORLD's favourite pieces of head office art work were bought from an IHC Artist ... and were painted by our very own Jojo!

These works are known as 'Joanna's Unusual Women' and according to Jojo are portraits of her sisters who all have unique personalities, which is what makes them unusual.

Join Dame Denise, Jojo and the WORLD team in supporting the IHC through their Annual Art Awards by purchasing artworks here.