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WORLD BEAUTY Perfume Society

WORLD has the most illustrious collection of niche luxury fragrance in the land. These gorgeous, artisanal brands are in-store and online to be discovered. Furthermore we want to encourage as many of you as we can to join us and let our enthusiasm wash over you, allow us to pass on our olfactive learnings so you can better select and enjoy your scent. The WORLD BEAUTY Perfume Society is an all inclusive collective that will keep you informed and updated about new fragrance, our favourite selections and events. We often hold Fragrance Masterclasses and scent related events, and can tailor this sort of event specifically for you, whether it be a group of friends, colleagues, or a bridal party - please just contact:




WORLD BEAUTY Perfume Society Fragrance of the Week:


An emblem of the extraordinary attention to detail that Clive Christian prides itself on, No.1 Masculine and Feminine are sourced and composed using the rarest, most precious ingredients from around the world. Exemplifying the founding pillars of creativity, craftsmanship and provenance as defined by its elegant gold bottle, the No.1 pair is, simply put, the zenith of fragrance creation.

No 1 Feminine is a floral Oriental, resplendent with fruity top notes of Pineapple, Plum, and White Peach that are then cut through with spicier notes of Cardamom and Pimento oil. A heart of Jasmine, Carnation and Rose evoke Aphrodite’s gardens of love and beauty, while its base of Tahitian Vanilla, Cedar and creamy Tonka Bean offer a sophisticated and tantalising depth.


WORLD BEAUTY Perfume Society Fragrance of the Week:

CARNER Sandor 70's

We will transport you to one of the most iconic bars of 70’s Barcelona.
At the crest of upper Barcelona, once a place to see and be seen, an iconic bar where the smoke of cigars flirted with the aristocratic leather of vintage armchairs.
Top Notes
Suede Accord
Italian bergamot
Vintage jasmin absolute
Chinese osmanthus absolute
Bulgarian rose essence
Mid Notes
Tobacco Accord
Clary sage absolute
Virginian cedar wood
Peru balsam
Mexican vanilla extract

Base Notes
Spanish leather accord
Patchouli essence
Vetyver essence
Ethiopian frankincense extract
Oak moss absolute




WORLD BEAUTY Fragrance of the Week:
ARQUISTE - Flor y Canto

August, 1400, Tenochtitlan, Mexico.

On the most fragrant festival in the Aztec calendar, the rhythm of drums palpitates as a wealth of flowers is offered on temple altars. Billowing clouds of Copal act as a backdrop to the intoxicating breath of Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria and the intensely yellow aroma of the sacred Marigold, Cempoalxochitl.

Notes include:

Mexican Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria, Marigold


WORLD BEAUTY Perfume Society - Fragrance of the Week:
Cire Trudon's New Releases - Médie & Elae 

Master of Haute Parfumerie, Maison Trudon is delighted to unveil their two new perfumes. Elae wears its femininity like a luminous offering, unfolding like a bouquet of ylang-ylang white petals notes.  Breathe in a symphony of Sambac jasmine… Welcome Médie, a  freshness that runs on the skin!



WORLD CIRE TRUDON New Engraving Service & New Scent Launches:

Tuesday 17th September - WORLD Newmarket - 1pm-6:30pm 

Wednesday 18th September - WORLD BRITOMART - 1pm-7pm

Thursday 19th September - WORLD Christchurch - 1pm-7:30pm

Saturday 21st September - WORLD Ponsonby - 10am-5pm




Fragrance of the Week: 9-15 September 2019:

AMOUAGE - Honour Woman & Man

Honour is a white floral fragrance inspired by the tragic predicament of Madame Butterfly.  The white floral is used to signify the discourse of Madame Butterfly’s love. 


Tuberose is used to represent danger.

Jasmine means attachment. 

Gardenia is secret love. 

Lily of the Valley is purity of heart.

White Carnation is innocence and faithfulness.


The white floral represents a tragic love in which honour, fidelity and innocence have been betrayed.  A resin base of frankincense, amber and opoponax is used to represent the tragic end of Madame’s Butterfly “To Die With Honour”. In honour of truth and beauty, her poetic love and sorrow echo eternally.


Honour Woman Notes

Top notes of coriander, pepper and rhubarb.

Heart notes of carnation, gardenia, jasmine, lily of the valley and tuberose.

Base notes of leather, vetiver, amber, frankincense and opoponax.


Honour Man Notes

Top notes of pepper (black), pepper (red).

Heart notes of geranium, nutmeg and elemi.

Base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, musk, incense and tonka bean.




WORLD Fragrance Workshop - Sherwood - Queenstown - Friday 20th September:

An exclusive Fine Fragrance Workshop. Join the WORLD team for a trip around the fragrance wheel discovering the history and intricacies of their collection of niche luxury fragrance- try Grace Kelly's wedding scent or smell what JFK would have smelt like between the sheets. This private class is taken by WORLD designers Benny Castles and Francis Hooper & includes complimentary nibbles from the Sherwood kitchen.

Spaces strictly limited so reserve your spot now: 





Contact the team at WORLD Wellington to learn more about this POP-UP, make appointments and book in for Perfume Masterclasses:




Fragrance of the Week: 2 -8 September 2019:

EIGHT & BOB Champs de Provence

Albert Fouquet, the son of a Parisian aristocrat, was part of the elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur. In a room on the upper floor of the family chateau, Fouquet created and perfected various essences for his own personal use aided by Philippe, the family butler. At social events he would surprise everyone with an exquisite fragrance that became increasingly in demand within the exclusive social circle he frequented. However, Fouquet continually rejected proposals to market his fragrance.

On this occasion Fouquet wanted to satisfy the request of his dear friends Alessandro and Chiara, an Italian couple who owned a villa in Provence where they went to relax and enjoy themselves, breathing in the freshness of the more than 1600 wild plants that flowered every year in the countryside of this beautiful region of France. Every spring, Albert Fouquet went from Antibes on the French Riviera to the home of Alessandro and Chiara to share with them the splendid spectacle of colours and the wonderful aromas. During one of his trips, while decanting one of the wines he produced from his own grapes, Alessandro told Fouquet that his next diplomatic post would be in the far-away Philippines. He enjoyed carrying out his work travelling around the world, but during his long stays abroad he always remembered with melancholy the beauty of Provence.

Some months later, when Alessandro and Chiara were already settled in the Philippines, they were surprised by the best present they could receive from their good friend. Only an artist such as Albert Fouquet was capable of transforming into a perfume the freshness of the exuberant aromas brought forth by the plants growing in the Provence countryside. A beautiful green flask contained all the magic of an unequalled perfume, unique in its fragrance and freshness: Champs de Provence.

Champs de Provence Notes

Bergamot, orange, pear, jasmine, rose, orange blossom, musk, mate, ambroxan




WORLD Beauty Perfume Society - Christmas Fragrance Masterclasses:


Learn more and book in your team now -



Fragrance for Father:

A selection of fragrances for the perfect Father's Day gift:

CREED - Aventus
EIGHT & BOB - Egypt
P.FRAPIN - The Orchid Man
PENHALIGON'S - Roaring Radcliff
AMOUAGE - Honour Man



Fragrance of the Week:


Fragrance of the Week: 26 August - 1 September 2019:

Robert Piguet - Bandit

n 1944, Robert Piguet created a daring couture collection, which was based on a “Bad Boy” concept.  Just at the end of the second World War, Piguet’s shows featured models sporting villain masks and brandishing toy revolvers and swords. The scent accompanying this air of avant-garde mischief was Bandit, a composition created by perfume icon, Germaine Cellier, renowned for her bold and distinctive creations.

Bandit is a renowned classic. Cellier used dark notes of leather, the greenness of moss and smoky woods, to give the scent its rich and unforgettable character. Accented with verdant galbanum and hints of orange-blossom, Bandit is certainly the “enfant terrible” of the Piguet fragrance collection. Jasmine and patchouli lend an exotic twist while leather and oak moss provide a thorny crown.

Bandit is a fragrance composition light years ahead of its time — a perfumer’s perfume.

“Robert Piguet taught me the virtues of simplicity through which true elegance must come,” wrote Christian Dior who years earlier, was a penniless artist who would eventually become one of Piguet’s most celebrated “stagiares”. Other names that trained at The House of Piguet read like a Who’s Who of haute couture including Hubert de Givenchy, Marc Bohan, Pierre Balmain, and John Galanos.

But while Piguet’s impact on fashion is indisputable, it is his fragrance legacy that has made him legendary. Working with perfumer Germaine Cellier in the late ‘40s, it was Piguet’s Bandit and Fracas that acted as the watershed to a new era in perfumery. These were said to “have a particular feel very characteristic of his trademarks: Strict adherence to good taste, true luxury, a horror of the commonplace and an innate sense of seduction.”




 Event: WORLD Beauty Fragrance Trunk Show:

Join the team at WORLD for a special presentation of exquisite fragrances never seen before in New Zealand. 
This collection of scents will only be available on the night & on a very limited basis.

All Welcome

WORLD Ponsonby: Tuesday 27th August, 6pm - 8pm rsvp:

WORLD Wellington: Thursday 29th August, 6pm - 8pm rsvp:




Fragrance of the Week - 19-25 August - Beaufort - Tonnerre

“England expects that every man will do his duty”
Lord Nelson

Inspired by the Battle of Trafalgar (21st October 1805).
Pieces of the oak used in the construction of Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory  were given to BeauFort London’s creative director at the battle’s bicentenary in 2005 and the scent of these historical relics and the darkly evocative stories that surround them became the impetus for this fragrance.

Tonnerre uses bold ingredients in extremely high concentrations to conjure a uniquely powerful olfactory experience, burning wood, gunpowder, cannon smoke, blood and seaspray allude to the brutality and chaos of sea warfare. A penetrating citrus note was used, not only as an allusion to the sailors in the British Navy as ‘Limey’s’, but also to Admiral Nelson’s request for lemonade on his death bed. A prominent, dark tar note permeates as tar was used to waterproofing the planks of ships, and also to preserve ropes. The brandy note which carries the composition refers to the cask of the spirit which carried Nelson’s body back to Britain for a hero’s funeral.

Top Notes: Lime, Smoke, Gun Powder

Heart Notes: Blood, Brandy, Sea Spray

Base Notes: Amber, Fir Balsam, Cedarwood




Meet the family - New Penhaligon's Portraits:

THE IMPUDENT COUSIN MATTHEW - A very bearable lightness of being

The trouble with Matthew seems to be just one of location and timing; wrong place, wrong time.

THE INGENUE COUSIN FLORA - Innocence is a virtue but crime pays

Her one true virtue, the meticulousness with which she hides her own guilty trail…



Fragrance of the Week - 12-18 August - Map of the Heart Vol. 5
The Purple Heart. The Heart of Valour.
The scent of selfless courage that triumphs. Heralded by bittersweet black fruits, its dark heart of salty liquorice, intense violet and purple roses rises to soar with the optimism of tonka bean awash in ink: the teller of tales.




Fragrance of the Week - 5-11 August - ARQUISTE the Architect's Club

Cocktail time, March 1930, London.

A group of architects gather for cocktails at Mayfair’s smartest Art Deco smoking room. As they settle in the warm interior of dark woods, leather and velvet, London’s bright young things burst in, frosted martinis in hand, surrounded by a cloud of laughter, white smoke and fine vanilla.

Notes include:
Juniper berry oil, Angelica root, Lemon peel oil, Bitter Orange, Pepperwood, Guaiac wood, Oakwood, Vanilla Absolute and Amber.




WORLD Beauty Perfume Society - Fragrance Masterclasses:

Join the WORLD team for a glass of wine and a trip around the fragrance wheel discovering the history and intricacies of their collection of niche luxury fragrance - try Grace Kelly's Wedding scent or smell what JFK would have smelt like between the sheets. This private class taken by WORLD Designers and International Experts and can be organised at your convenience. Evening includes refreshments over the 1-2 hour class time period.

Register your interest or organise your own for a group of friends or colleagues at