ARE YOU A MISFIT?...The Scent of Counter-Culture ARE YOU A MISFIT?...The Scent of Counter-Culture


WORLD 4440 The Designer Suit Blazer Tropical

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Designers are cool, or maybe they are't...sitting in their ivory towers deciding how we look, what to look at , what our place looks like, what looks are worth looking in to...lots of eyeball activity!

A tropical low sheen, double breasted, cropped blazer, luscious to feel and bright in colour. Let the relaxed elegance of a formal, structured jacket in a wild fauna turn you frown upside down - let a little bit of design sway your mood to the positive as you adjust from a long hot summer to a short bitter winter. A trans-seasonal blaze built for comfort and speed - make the suit or dress up a pair of jeans or the Cool Suit Trouser in Red.

Fabrication: Cotton Silk

This garment has been designed and made in Auckland, New Zealand using fabrications and notions sourced internationally.