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AF Drinks & IHC - 31 x 250ml - Mixed Pack - Alcohol Free Drinks

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AF’s iconic 31-pack was designed to make it easy for people to participate in Dry July, and other periods of sober curiosity. This year, the 31-packs are released as a Limited Edition Art series, produced in partnership with IHC. The collaboration is here to bring to life the amazing art created as part of the IHC Art Awards, and to support the hundreds of artists taking part in the awards every year.

The IHC Art Awards were established in 2004 to provide artists with an intellectual disability the opportunity to have their talent recognised, their voices heard and to sell their work. Over the past 20 years, the Art Awards have grown to be an important event for the disability community; receiving hundreds of entries from artists nationwide. The Art Awards give artists a rare forum to powerfully communicate their ideas, gain recognition within the community for their talent and earn money from the sale of their work.

Quote from IHC: “IHC is delighted that AF has chosen to champion the extraordinary work of artists with intellectual disabilities. The IHC Art Awards has run for 20 years, providing a unique opportunity for artists' work to be recognised, sold and earn prize money. We salute AF’s out-of-the-box creativity that literally puts unique works on the box as we join them in celebrating 31 AF days and drinks for Dry July.”
Quote from Dame Denise L'Estrange-Corbet Co-Founder of WORLD and Patron of the IHC Art Awards: “I am thrilled and delighted that AF Drinks have chosen to support the IHC Art Awards 2023 with their outstanding 31-Packs. The collaboration is a perfect match, and I am personally very grateful for their forward-thinking in helping those in the community.”

About the artists:
Jordan Chow is an artist at Māpura Studios and a past winner of the IHC Art
Awards. He has a passionate interest in animals and they are his key subject. Jordan is on the autism spectrum and has a great methodical, focused approach to his work. He knows many exotic and unusual species and can draw from memory as ably as he draws from photographs.
Michael Nathan is based out of Auckland's Māpura Studios, he is an incredibly gifted artist who's expressive works take on exceptional detail. In 2019 one of his works won the prestigious first prize at the IHC Art Awards – the intricate piece took two years to complete. Michael loves drawing and painting while listening to music, he finds it transports him to another place.
Cherie Mellsopp is a talented artist hailing from Hamilton, New Zealand. Cherie’s dedication to her craft has been recognised with numerous Award finalists and wins over the years.  For Cherie, art is more than just a creative outlet it's a means of self-discovery and a place to find peace. Apart from her art, Cherie enjoys music, travel and visiting cafes.