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Experimental Perfume Club - The Perfumer's Atelier

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The Experimental Perfume Club

The Perfumer’s Atelier is a new luxury educational perfume collector’s piece designed to help train your nose to recognise ingredients and learn how they are used to create fragrances.

Each box contains a curated selection of 50 of the finest and most commonly used perfumery ingredients, ranging from natural ingredients such as bergamot oil, rose absolute and vetiver oil, aroma-chemicals such as Iso E Super and Calone to famous compositions such as Prunella and Amber 83.

An accompanying deck of ingredient cards can be used alone or with friends to blind smell and test your nose, offering a playful way to memorise each ingredient.

The set also includes a fragrance wheel and a comprehensive 160-page perfumer’s handbook which brings together the skill and knowledge of a team of trained perfumers including EPC’s founder Emmanuelle Moeglin.


The Perfumer’s Atelier includes:

50×2.5ml perfumery ingredients

Perfumer’s Handbook: 160 page perfumery book including detailed information about the 50 ingredients and how they are used in perfumery

A set of 50 ingredient cards

A board game with the Fragrance Wheel

A scent strips holder

Scent strips

Dimensions box closed 35x45x10cm (open 70x45cm)

Raw Materials included in the Perfume Atelier –



1. Bergamot Oil

2. Sweet Orange Oil

3. Lemon Oil

4. Petitgrain Oil

5. Grapefruit Base


6. Cis-3-hexenol

7. Blackcurrant (Cassis Base)

8. Violet Leaf Absolute


9. Dihydromyrcenol

10. Anethol

11. Lavender Oil


12. Allyl Amyl Glycolate

13. Aldehyde C16

14. Aldehyde C14

15. Aldehyde C18

16. Apple 17. Prunella


18. Melonal

19. Calone


20. Neroli Oil

21. Geranium Oil

22. Rose Oil

23. Jasmine Absolute

24. Ylang Ylang Oil

25. Hedione

26. Lily of the Valley

27. Ionone Alpha

28. Iris Absolute


29. Pink Peppercorn Oil

30. Cardamom Oil

31. Eugenol


32. Frankincense Oil

33. Sandalwood Oil

34. Cedarwood Oil

35. Vetiver Oil

36. Iso E Super

37. Agarwood


38. Benzoin Absolute

39. Labdanum Absolute

40. Honey (Miel Blanc)


41. Ambroxan

42. Ambre 83


43. Ethyl Maltol

44. Coumarin

45. Vanillin


46. Patchouli Oil

47. Oakmoss Absolute


48. Leather (Suederal LT)


49. Castoreum Base


50. Galaxolide

Emmanuelle Moeglin, Founder & Perfumer –

Rather, I define it as my passion and my life. I have worked my entire career in perfumery. My fascination for fragrances started at a very young age where I was collecting everything perfume. As a kid, I was fascinated by this poetic world. My love for ingredients came later when I studied perfumery and spent time understanding the intricacy of creation.

I started my journey at the perfumer’s school ISIPCA in France, where I learnt the science and secrets of fragrance creation. I then went onto travelling the world, collaborating with some of the most esteemed perfumers, working as a Fragrance Design Manager for brands such as L’Oreal and Puig in Paris, Barcelona and New York.

Since that time, I had been thinking about bringing education and the art of perfumery to the general public. I was meeting so many people who loved and wore fragrances but knew very little about it.

So EPC was born, providing perfume lovers with relevant education and support to allow them to create their very own fragrance, all while learning what it takes to create a perfume.”