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Frater Perfumes Coucou 100ml Parfum

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Top Notes
Lychee, Black Currant, Grapefruit Green Leaves
Heart Notes
Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine Orange Blossom
Base Notes
East India Sandalwood, Patchouli Vanilla Bean, Musk

GENDER: Feminine TYPE: Fruity Floral COLLECTION: Classic

Coucou opens with the zing of vibrant grapefruit, exotic lychee and blackcurrant tempered by a whisper of green leaves. At the heart of the fragrance is a hyperrealistic gardenia nestled in a sophisticated bouquet of erogenous tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. The whole scent conveys the naturalness of freshly-picked flowers.
Opulent East India sandalwood accents the creamy undertone of the luscious florals and a restrained but confident natural vanilla bean note rounds things off.

Perfumer’s Notes: In youth is pleasure
In youth, my father would treat me to a frosted glass dish with a big scoop of the creamiest vanilla ice cream topped with fragrant pink lychees, a fruit that seemed to be — to a boy with a wild imagination — almost alien. In those years my friends and I would pick wild berries on the nearby hillside until our eager fingers and lips were stained ink-black. They were warm days filled with wondrous smells and tastes and it seemed they would never end. But end they did, and boyhood pleasures of edible treats and the heady scent of sweet gardenia and jasmine bushes growing near a popular family picnic spot soon became distant memories.
It is from the dreamworld those memories now inhabit that the idea of Coucou emerged. I had watched a Belgian coming-of-age film during which one of the characters, a matronly piano accordionist, bellowed a joyful “Coucou!” (French slang for hello) in greeting to her friends. The film stirred up many memories of my own juvenile years and so, as was perhaps to be expected, childhood dominated my sleep. Blossoms of whitest gardenia, mounds of ice cream, perfumed fruit and the odour of freshly cut lawns swirled around me. I awoke with an intense urge to put my empyrean dream into scent. And so I did... it is Coucou and now I share it with you.

Frater Perfumes is a luxury artisanal fragrance house creating rich, unique and exotic scents. They make extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people. Made in New Zealand.
A grand obsession by founder Jamie Frater. For nearly a decade Frater has built a library of the most prized and exotic fragrance materials. This library and Frater's obsession with classical luxury has guided the creation of this collection of perfumes.