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Frater Perfumes Menagerie 100ml Parfum

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Top Notes
Lavender, Hay, Spices
Heart Notes
Candy Floss, Toffee Apple, Roasted Peanuts
Base Notes
Tonkin Musk, Ambergris, Smoke Sandalwood, Leather, Tonka Bean

GENDER: Unisex TYPE: Woody Gourmand COLLECTION: Foundation
Menagerie is an exotic and mysterious gourmand fragrance melding bold animalic notes with warm spices and carnival treats of toffee apple, candy floss and roasted nuts. A light floral heart adds a perfumistic quality while soft woods and hay create an elegant and long-lasting dry down that appeals to both men and women.

Perfumer’s Notes: Carnival of the Animals
Whilst sojourning with my brother in Windsor, England, we took a family trip to a steam fair to while away a winterly day. It was situated on a family farm upon which a caravan of colourful gypsies had settled in for a short stay. The cold wet air and the odour of dank hay and smoke from the nearby village chimneys created a truly Dickensian scene. Wild-eyed, the gypsy children gleefully skipped amongst the throng with giant copper pennies clutched in their hands—these were the only coins that would operate the Victorian steam machines. An antique calliope wheezed as it groaned out an old circus tune.
Clouds of pink candy floss and blood-red orbs of toffee apples bobbed past in the hands of the crowd, punctuating the grey day, and nuts crackled and popped as they were roasted over a brazier burning brightly. It was an experience I determined never to forget. And so, in time, I found myself working to distill the pleasures of that day into a fragrance. Thus was born Menagerie.
The title of the fragrance comes from the opening lines of Frank Wedekind's Erdgeist, the first of a two-part play later set to music in the controversial expressionist opera Lulu by Austrian composer Alban Berg.
“Welcome! Welcome to the menagerie!
With hot lust and cold horror
watch the soulless beast bound and made tame
by human genius.”—Frank Wedekind (Erdgeist, 1895)

Frater Perfumes is a luxury artisanal fragrance house creating rich, unique and exotic scents. They make extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people. Made in New Zealand.
A grand obsession by founder Jamie Frater. For nearly a decade Frater has built a library of the most prized and exotic fragrance materials. This library and Frater's obsession with classical luxury has guided the creation of this collection of perfumes.