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Frater Perfumes Palatine 100ml Parfum

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Top Notes
Iris Flower, Peach, Myrtle
Heart Notes
White Rose, Pink Lilac, Sweet Acacia Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orchid
Base Notes
Iris Root, Vanilla, Styrax Sandalwood, Abyssinian Civet, Musk

GENDER: Unisex TYPE: Fruity Floral COLLECTION: Classic
Palatine opens with a burst of ripe peach, myrtle and the unctuous scent of precious iris, the regal flower that dominates the entire scent. More than 300 ingredients are expertly blended in this transcendent fragrance that exudes luxury and sophistication.
The floral heart of Palatine also includes rare white rose oil, sweet French acacia and pink lilac. The perfume finishes with balsamic styrax, Madagascan vanilla, aged East India sandalwood and the merest whisper of Abyssinian civet.

Perfumer’s Notes: An imperious scent
When I was a student at the Royal College of Music in London, I would regularly attend Mass at the Brompton Oratory, a large neo-classical church in Knightsbridge. The priest's whispered intonation of Latin prayers and the smoke of incense in the midst of such a magnificent building was influential in my later love of the classical world.
The heart of that world was Rome, and the heart of Rome was the Palatine hill, home to the ancient aristocracy and later the Emperors who would rule for five hundred years. It was in this place that I would find inspiration for Palatine, a perfume of imperial Iris and sweet fruits. The iris is the most regal of flowers, and the subtle earthiness of its roots has long excited the imagination of perfumers.
Palatine is built around a large dose of a classical iris base which was found in such perfumes as Chypre by Coty in 1917. Myrtle which was loved by the Ancient Romans joins peach and vanilla in this truly royal fragrance.
Fittingly for an imperial fragrance, I introduced essential oils of white rose, so costly it is almost never seen, and a large dose of precious Mysore sandalwood. Resinous styrax and radiant musks join exotic civet from Abyssinia to elevate the perfume.
Palatine is as imperial as the residents of the hill from which it takes its name.

Frater Perfumes is a luxury artisanal fragrance house creating rich, unique and exotic scents. They make extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people. Made in New Zealand.
A grand obsession by founder Jamie Frater. For nearly a decade Frater has built a library of the most prized and exotic fragrance materials. This library and Frater's obsession with classical luxury has guided the creation of this collection of perfumes.