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Fueguia Biblioteca de Babel 50ml EDP

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Fueguia 1833 is a proposition for wandering spirits, sensitive to the call of reminiscence. In keeping with this philosophy, each perfume is created as a unique narrative, telling stories from imagined worlds to the cultural backdrop of Latin America.

Year launched: 2010
Collection: Literatura

Main Olfactory Family: Wood
Secondary Olfactory Family: Spicy

Perfume Chord:

Tonic note: Austrocedrus
Dominant note: Cabreuva
Sub Dominant: Cinnamon

Cedar shelves, heavy leather bookbindings, vellum leaves, the smell of ink. The complex environment of an old book is brought to life. 

Founder Julian Bedel:

Fueguia started as a homage to the scientific exploration age but also as a homage to the native people living in our original territories, who still are the guardians of all the plants that we love.

My approach to scent has always been driven by connecting with the divine, in a way. Why humans, anthropologically, have been looking in our metaphysical rituals to incorporate scent — to kind of amplify whatever thing we were trying to do, whatever the ritual anywhere on the planet we tried, to have a scent in addition to that.”

We decide to cultivate exotic materials to tell the story of eternity and to find the intangible essence behind these scents. We focus on nature as the maker of scent.

What we want to do is to use nature to connect with people: these creations go along and partner with you during your entire life.

We are proud to be fully vertically integrated, we go through the process of botanical research and we formulate all of our perfumes: we produce them, mix them, blend them, and bottle them.

We see opportunities where others see discards and this way we can fully use our raw materials. Sustainability is finding imperfections and transforming them into something useful.