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Maison Matine Into the Wild 50ml

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Into the Wild 

To talk about travelling, our deep connection with Nature & how much of an important role that nature plays in the wellbeing of our everyday lives, the unknown, the unexplored territories. This perfume can allow us to express the adventurer inside.

Into the wild also plays into addiction – This is why the brand has chosen to put the chocolate note in the base, & that nature can be just what we need to heal & help with our additions in the world we live in today.


Green Floral 

Juniper berries (Gin note), Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Magnolia, Frangipani & Chocolate

Created in Paris, made in France. Perfumer Adlison Rato. 

Maison Matine Philosophy

Maison Matine - The name 'Matine' is a play on 'mutine', the French word for mutiny; and 'matin', translating to morning in French, a reminder of their ethos to be daring every day.


Maison matine want to talk about stories from their daily lives, not to talk about seduction, power or love like a lot of other niche perfume brands. It’s about the culture of sharing & their aim is to talk to everyone from a 15 year old -70 years old customer. Fresh & accessible to anyone and everyone!


This is a completely new concept – To create perfumes that are connecting to us right here and right now and taking in all of the social & worldly happenings. 

This concept really plays into the creativity of the brand and allows the wearer to express themselves through their perfume, the brand collaborates with Artists and Graphic designers across the world which ties into the Beyond Paris part of their logo.

These graphic, responsible and generous fragrances are created by a new generation of committed French perfumers.


Free & cheeky, Maison Matine address a generation in search of independence and creativity.

Looking for meaning, All their products are limited edition & embody a world in motion,

Collaborative, The collection has been developed by our little community of graphic designers & the perfumers!