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Viadeimille Dolce Kaos 100ml

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Olfactory Notes

Bergamot, Mandarin, Fig, Geranium, Cypress, Labdanum, Patchouli, ...



Dolce Kaos. Two different worlds in a physical, olfactory exchange; two opposite worlds that converge in a place called Kaos. The idea of ‘sweet chaos’ stems from a short circuit of thoughts that brings together a phrase by the Sicilian writer Luigi Pirandello, a famous film by the Taviani brothers and a real but mythical place in Sicily called Kaos. DOLCE KAOS evokes a Sicilian landscape of land and sea, a countryside blazed and cracked by the August sun, an intense light where all is yellow and rust, a place of stillness where time is marked by the rasp of invisible cicadas. The air is heavy with wild herbs, dry straw and arid hay; the scent of thyme, and of carobs blackened by the burning sun.  But the sea talks to the dry land and the cracked earth is soothed by a soft, salty breeze. There’s a dream of blue light, of drying seaweed on black lava rocks. A mirage under the summer sun, a fusion of land and sea, the intoxication of DOLCE KAOS.


The scents of VIA DEI MILLE are made with selected ingredients that include exclusive essential oils from Sicily.



A fascinating family activity, suddenly stopped, and that is renewed 60 years later by the imagination of Stefano Alderuccio as a tribute to the work started by his grandfather and to his homeland.


In the 50s, in the town of Noto, in a poetic Sicily where nature is still intact, Salvatore Scorsonelli begins the production of flower essences and especially of zagara, the very delicate and inebriating blossom of the bitter orange tree. It is in Via dei Mille, in front of his house, in a typical Sicilian garden planted with jasmine, almond and citrus trees, that Salvatore installs the distillery where for more than ten years he would manufacture one of the most precious floral oils used to design perfumes. The essence, of the finest quality, extracted by steam distillation, was shipped to France, destined to the perfumery industry of Grasse.


In 2011, Stefano, one of Salvatore's grandsons, retraces the steps of his grandfather to try to understand why that activity, so rich in memories and anecdotes, often remembered during the large family gatherings, was interrupted, and to understand if it was somehow possible to revive it.


And so begins a journey in the world of fragrances, a journey that, from the distillery abandoned of Via dei Mille, will bring Stefano from Noto, from the far end of Sicily, to Grasse, Paris, Florence and then back again to Sicily in search of the best manufacturers, the best Sicilian ingredients, driven by a unique idea: to bring those fragrances back to life.


VIADEIMILLE · SICILIA is first of all the result of a family history, but it is also a story of renaissance, of friendship, of search and discoveries, of regard for deep roots and ideas.